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You know what’s fun and cool and amazing, is when you find amidst yourself a tiny little blogger who blogs at an age where most of us had no idea what it even was. Inspiring in her not so little ways, we have with us Aadhya, wherein we get a sneak peek into the wondrous mind of this tween lifestyle blogger from Canada. I had an amazing time conducting this interview and I’m really excited for all of you to read her thought provoking yet fun and sweet interview. By now you know the drill, shower your love on little Aadhya by clicking on the link at the bottom of the interview. Happy Reading! 💛🌻

1.Thank you for being a part of the interview, please tell us what your blog is about?

My name is Aadhya, a tween lifestyle blogger from Canada. I am a middle school student who loves reading, writing, camping, hiking, dancing, listening to music, swimming, hanging out with friends, and trying new activities! On my blog Adyas Diary, I write about my life experiences, thoughts, current situations, book reviews, topics I feel strongly about and other things (even if it’s random). My blog is technically how I express myself in my OWN way.


2.What inspired you to start your blog and what keeps you going?  

It wasn’t an easy time during quarantine last year, it was really stressful with online school, taking precautions wherever I went and being away from family. I did a web development course online, and I had to create a website using WP. I did not have blogging on my mind, but it still happened, so here I am. What really keeps me going is my passion for writing and the amount of support I get from readers and other bloggers.



3.How frequently do you post on the blog? Do you have a schedule to blog? 

I post about once every two weeks and sometimes, special posts in between too. After school’s out (which I’m not excited about) over the summer holidays, I plan on going back to posting once every week.


4. Who are your target audience? 

I don’t target any particular age group when I write. I have readers and followers of all ages.


5. What are your long-term blogging goals? 

Patience, dedication, good content and proper planning are the most important things when it comes to long-term blogging. I’d like to use my blog for public awareness on different topics (like my posts on wearing masksanti-bullyingpeer pressureliteracy mattersparents and children’s perspectives). If I have enough traffic to monetize my blog, I will donate the money from views to the charities I support.


6. From the top of your mind name three bloggers you wish people to not miss out on? Briefly describe.

Honestly, there are many amazing bloggers that I follow, it would be hard to pick only three.


7. Anything else you’d wish to share with your readers?

Thank you, Namrata, for taking the time to interview me, I really enjoyed answering your questions. And thank you, everyone for taking the time to read! I would love for you to drop by my blog and comment, like and perhaps follow!

Link to the blog :

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