Dear Love| An open letter series #9

Dear Love,
Young girls and lost dreams- You weren’t made to be mediocre. Remember, you had high hopes of yourself?  When father asked what did you want to be when you grew up, you questioned back.
“What was the biggest thing to be?”
“A Prime Minister”,  he replied.
‘Bigger?! ‘, you retort. 
‘”A President “, He says. 
“Bigger still?”
Dad ponders.
“God…? “, he humours.  
You think for a moment and settle for the President”.
Dad smiles. You don’t know what his smile means. You smile too, with Pride. 
You’ve an aim now.
You get 10/10 on tests. A star. An A plus grade.
There’s nothing between you and your dream. Dreams change. 
You want to be an IAS Officer. An engineer later on. 
You grow complacent, with time. 
Dad is still proud.
Your dreams are different now.
You’re in love. Cultural influences have you believing your dreams aren’t less important, just because it’s different from others.
Life happens.
You fall in love.  You dream of love.
You want to be the one who’s there for others, while they achieve their dreams.
You dream of having a child one day. Putting books and toys in online carts. You have dreams for him- A footballer, a rockstar, but mostly their own person. 
But one day, love leaves. 
Self and they.
Like a domino, it falls- All your dreams, one by one. 
You’re a dreamer though. You’ve always been one. You can’t stop. 
Before you realise,  you find yourself dreaming again. 
This time, you dream differently. You dream for self. You pile up lost dreams of childhood. Resuscitating them to life. One at a time. 
There are more elements to your dream now. 
You dream to be a manager. You don’t understand capitalism but you understand money is important. Your dream branches further still- Making young girls realise the importance of pursuing their dreams. You dream of helping the children with their dreams. You write about your dreams. 
Dad is proud, still.
So am I. 

Much Love,

The theme / letter prompt for this month is :

“An open letter to your past self”

You may or may not follow the theme.You may or may not remain anonymous. 

Send me your letters at to get published.

Thank you for taking out time to read.I’m Namrata if you’re visiting me for the first time, HELLO ❤ Hope you’re doing good! 🙂
I write about a diverse range of topics, poems, blog interviews,and silly life updates.
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17 thoughts on “Dear Love| An open letter series #9

      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


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      1. If we are lucky, truly lucky, we reach for the stars and can grab one. Sometimes the star you want changes, sometimes it doesn’t. But I wish everyone were lucky enough to catch just one of their stars before life weighs you down and you don’t even bother looking up anymore.

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