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Today I bring to you a very interesting blog interview with the author K E Garland, who has a book by the same name as the blog and while she’ll brief you on what her blog is about, she’ll also help you navigate the change. I’m excited for you to read all that she has to tell. By now, you know the drill-Check out her blogs- you can find the link, at the bottom of the interview. Happy Reading!!

1.Thank you for interviewing with us today. Tell us briefly what are your blogs about?

My blog Kwoted is an inspirational blog, intended to help people think a little differently about a range of topics (e.g., race, personal development, etc.). My blog Navigating the Change is a blog meant to support women 35+ who may be pre-, peri-, menopausal, or post-menopausal. My name is K E Garland, and I’m from the United States.

2.What was it that inspired you to start your blog? What do you think blogging is about?

I was inspired to begin Kwoted because I’d written a book of the same name (it’s available on Amazon). Someone said it would be a great way to sell books. I soon found out that blogging is about more than selling books; it’s about developing relationships with like-minded people. I was inspired to begin Navigating the Change because I’d recently found out I was peri-menopausal, and I couldn’t find information easily. I wanted the site to be a resource for all women.

3.How frequently do you post on the blog? Do you have a schedule to manage blogging? 

For Kwoted, I blog at least once a week, most notably, Mondays for a feature I call Monday Notes. It’s where I explain thoughts from the Notes section of my iPhone lol For Navigating the Change, I post twice a week: Mondays and Wednesdays or Mondays and Fridays. Other people contribute to this blog, so it’s a bit easier to include content. In fact, I hope someone reading this will head over and become a contributor πŸ˜‰

4.Who are your target audience? 

For Kwoted, EVERYONE! I have readers from all over the globe and from as early as 14 to at least 70 years old. For Navigating the Change, it’s for women 35 and older.

5.  What are your long term blogging goals? 

Right now, I just want to always write and offer posts that push people to think a little differently or to question why they think what they already do. For example, why do we treat our family better/different than our friends, even though sometimes those relationships can be more toxic than a friendship? Why is it the older women in our lives don’t discuss “women’s issues” more openly? Those are the conversations I like to have on my blog.

6. Name three bloggers who inspire you.

I’d hate to name just three bloggers. I follow approximately 500 blogs, and each one inspires me in different ways, whether it’s their consistency, level of writing, or type of posts. 

7. Anything you’d wish to share with your readers?

If you’re a new blogger, then stay encouraged and write about what inspires you. Whatever inspires you, is going to be interesting to someone else. That’s what I’ve learned with blogging. There’s a blog for everyone πŸ˜‰ 

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